All For Cobalt In Home Pet Care - Keeping your prize possessions safe, happy, & healthy

Free initial consultation Required before any scheduled visit.  Detailed information is gathered about your pet's routine instructions, you and your pet will have time to get acquainted and feel comfortable with me, and I can answer any questions you may have you.

Pets are able to maintain and be comfortable in their own safe environment. If you have any special requests for exercise or medication, no worries. They will also avoid any exposure to unnecessary illnesses, parasites, and avoid any additional vaccinations when boarded. We will leave a summary or a daily text to let you know how the visit went. We also pick up your mail, rotate lights, and do other small tasks to make sure your first day back home is stress free.

$25 & Up - Day Visit for domestic pets (40 min)
$30 & Up - Farm Visit (45-60 min)
$60 & Up -  Overnight Care (14 hours +)

(includes arriving for dinner time and staying through breakfast.  We may leave to visit other clients but will return to stay with your pet and give one-on-one attention.)

 If your dog loves a car ride and needs a bit more exercise than just a neighborhood walk to burn off energy.  We will visit a local park or trail for a total of an hour of fun and adventure.
$35 & Up - Adventure Walk (2 - 6 hours)

  • Payment is due upon the first day of services
  • Checks are payable to "All For Cobalt LLC"
  • PayPal available for payment
  • $35 Fee for any returned checks
  • $30 Change / Cancellation Fee
  • Please understand that there will be NO refunds
  • Rates/policies are subject to change and vary during high impact periods and special requests

 Inclement Weather Information

  • During inclement weather, if your walks or visits are not essential OR you are changing your plans to stay in town or stay home from work, please let us know asap.
  • If you are out of town and have an alternative caregiver close by, please make arrangements to have them on-call to care for your pets. Note that in order to make emergency arrangements, we need their contact number. If it is not safe to travel to your home, we will contact your alternative caregiver to begin caring for your pets. When this happens, we will send you notification.